13th May 2015
The ministries of our church are there to fulfil our mission statement: to serve God, to serve each other, to serve the community and to serve the wider church. If we achieve this the kingdom of God will spread. The main ministries of our church are:


Team Leader: Chika Silver-Brown The purpose of worship team is to stand before the Lord, to serve Him and bless God and his people. For like the Levities of old (Deuteronomy 10:8) "At that time, the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord, to serve Him and bless his name until this day" Therefore we must be passionate worshippers. To carry out responsibility and lead the church family in its corporate expressions. To be sensitive to the wide expressions of worship, exploring new creative ways of worship that we may worship in spirit and in truth.


Team Leader: Jill Grant Prayer is a time to come together and talk to God and hear from God. As we ask Jesus to teach us how to pray and become more sensitive to the leading of His Holy Spirit, we can grow in our prayer life and in relationship with Him. There are different styles of prayer and we want to feel comfortable, safe and not pressured as the Holy Spirit moves among us - this can be challenging and exciting. (Ephesians 6:18).


Team Leader: Stephanie Harris To seek God’s glory by expressing His love and grace in practical ways and by sharing the good news of the gospel to people outside of our immediate locality. This will normally be done in partnership and relationship with other believers. Our emphasis will be to work with the disadvantaged and the poor of the unreached people groups. We are currently supporting several oversees workers and had the pleasure last year in sending someone from our church into India.


Team Leader: Mick Harvey The purpose of local outreach is to share the good news of the gospel to people we come into contact with. This is done, though not exclusively, through our newly opened community centre and coffee shop. Our emphasis will be to work with the village community including the disadvantaged and poor and wherever possible make disciples. With a job club and CAP money coaching, we aim to meet the physical needs as well as the spiritual ones.

Children & Youth

Team Leader: Wendy Harvey We strive to serve the parents in our church family in their responsibility to bring up their children to be followers of Jesus. To make corporate worship and teaching an exciting place to be and to seek new ways to reach out to the children in our local community. Youth work on a Sunday teaches our younger members the amazing news that Jesus came and died for the sins they have not even thought about yet and through Christ, all who call on Him will be saved.