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6th January 2016

January 2018

January: How to kick start your year

After all the festivities of the end of last year, we can sometimes be left either tired out because of it all, or really well rested. Either way, both scenarios can lead to low motivation to get back into the normal flow of life. This can also be true spiritually. This month we’re promoting four practical ways that can help you kick start your spiritual motivation!

7th of January

Kick start the joy of your salvation:

Bring someone to Alpha! Psalm 51:12

14th of January

Kick start your prayer life:

Forgive someone! Mark 11vs12-25

21st of January

Kick start your spirit:

Do a fast! Matthew 6vs16-18

28th of January

Kick start your blessings:

Help the needy! Matthew 5vs7