Teaching Programme

6th January 2016

November 2017

This month is about answering a common collection of queries raised by many people in church life. If the question isn’t relevant to you, you will probably know someone who it is relevant for…and perhaps you can help them with it after hearing the answer!

5th of November

What is repentance?

Why is it relevant to me today? After all, I’m a Christian now – so why do I need to repent if all my sins are forgiven? Matthew 3vs8 & James 4vs8-10

12th of November

Jesus is the only way:

How do I explain this without sounding judgmental towards earnest followers of other religions? How can I reason with people on this without coming across as narrow-minded and intolerant? John 14vs6, Romans 3vs23, Colossians 4vs6

19th of November

Help! My spouse is a non-Christian

and I want them to come to church): What do I do? This is a situation many of us find ourselves in and scripture gives some clear, practical guidance. 1 Corinthians 7vs12-16 & 1 Peter 3vs1-6

26th of November

What’s so special about Sunday?

How can we manage our family, work & hobbies around this special day? Here’s some practical tips about how to enjoy the benefits of this day the way God first intended it. Genesis 2vs1-3, Galatians 4vs8-11