Teaching Programme

6th January 2016

October 2017

October: Sunday worship in church

Worship and praise is a crucial part of our times together on a Sunday morning. We want to inspire our faith through God’s word to see what God is doing in these times.

1st of October

Exciting stories abound in the bible of people either encountering God through times of worship and praise or seeing God move on their behalf in these times. What does this mean for us during our Sunday services?

8th of October

In Revelation we get a glimpse of the worship of God in heaven. How can we experience such wonders and in our times together on Sunday mornings?

15th of October

Rev Bob Goode was the minister in this church back in the early ‘00’s. He is currently the minister of Birchington Baptist Church in Thanet, Kent. It is our privilege to welcome him back as a special treat!

22nd of October

When we come together in a worship service, how does the Holy Spirit work amongst us? Only through the minister, or through everyone? And if it’s everyone, how do we work together and avoid chaos?!

29th of October

What does it mean to worship ‘in the Spirit’ compared to just singing songs, and what does it mean to worship ‘in the truth’. Isn’t that just putting Bible verses in song lyrics?